About Us


Our main focus is going fast, consistently and with only minor tuning required.

There is no mission statement, Ron started this business unintentionally, he was a gear head and he was good at going fast. People started coming to him to work on their race cars and then asked him to build them engines. The Mechanical fuel injection side of the business that we mainly focus on now is due to Ron looking for an easy way to go fast without the tuning headaches involved with carburetors. The business was first solely registered in 1986 but had been operating as a Race engine shop prior to that. Our main focus is on quality of the products we sell. We manufacture almost everything in house so that we can ensure everything is made to spec, and everything we produce is inspected and assembled here in Tucson. We have customers that know what they need but for the majority of them they rely on our experienced Tech's to get them sorted out as to which parts they would need to complete the Injection system for their engine. Every complete Injection system we sell is customized per customer per application.