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Ron's Fuel Injection Systems, Tucson AZ


All of our Fuel Filters are Hard Anodized.

Large high flow basket filter that may be used with #8, #10 or #12 ends or a custom application. It may also be used as an oil pump protection filter.
This is our standard high flow basket
type #10 fuel filter. It is made
from 6061-T6 aluminum.

#7007 Inline Filter
Place this filter between the fuel pump and barrel valve to keep the nozzles unplugged.

Canister Fuel Filter
For use with carburetors

Stainless Steel Cone
For inline fuel filter
Filter Bracket
1 1/2”
1 3/8”
1 5/8”
1 3/4”
This bracket is also great with air bottles for throttle stops.

Stainless Steel Basket
For high flow fuel filters.